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    The Championship - A better league?

    I agree to a certain extent. The riches a team can gain through being promoted to the Premiership can give the matches between the teams in the upper half of the league really competitive. In a way the same logic applies to the bottom half of the Premiership. Relegation means a team loses so...
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    Richest football clubs in the world 2009

    It'll be interesting to see how this changes once the top clubs stop lliving beyond their means
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    United need to buy Wesley Sneijder

    I have been impressed by Sneider in this WC. I think he would make a great replacement for Scholes and shares many of his attributes. He seems like he has the same graft rate as Scholes and is as, if not more, versatile when playing in different positions.
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    Ronaldo Back

    It will be hard for AC Milan to take control of the top spot in Serie A but I think they have enough fire power to close the seven point gap. The top two teams in Serie A, Juventus and Inter are in fine form so will be hard to catch, but still a long way to go in the season, anything can happen.
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    It is a difficult decision to know who and when to buy. No one could foresee Arsenal's injury woes which it might be argued are the reason why they did not go closer this season. Liberal use of the cheque book at Man U has not yet guaranteed them the title this year, however it has contributed...
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    Players that need to go (Manchester United)

    About three players come to mind when u think of united of who needs to be replaced go! V.D.S he is poor. G.Neville way to slow rafael much better. And i don't care what u say ryan giggs he is no way near good enough to play on uniteds wing nevermind centre midfield! Anderson shouldn't have gone...
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    Who do you think is going to win the 2009-10 EPL?

    Personally I think this season that Chelsea are going to win it with Manchester United second, Arsenal third and I think fourth could go to either Tottenham, Manchester City or Liverpool, I do like Villa though I don't see them challenging for a place for the CL at the moment.
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    The Worst Top-Flight Players ?

    Boogers for West Ham takes some beating. Didn't he end up in a nuthouse?
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    Who will win Serie A?

    AC Milan have been awful in the Serie A this year and I definitely think they won't win it. Inter Milan probably have the strongest chance of winning like you say. I don't think Juve will be strong enough this year. Maybe next year when they're squad is more settled in and complete.
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    The same old story at the top, or not?

    We might see Spurs and Arsenal switching their regular spots and I think (and hope) Liverpool will go a little close this year.
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    Beckham Back for England

    In recent times I think he's been really impressive for England, he was excellent against Belarus and Andorra though to be honest when he started against Holland he didn't play as well though against a much better team, he's going to get less time on the ball to find one of his sublime passes...
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    Beckham Back for England

    It is great that Beckham is back in terms of Englands qualification chances. What was the manager to do? Beckham was playing poorly at the time and he had no other option, he has dealt with the situation amicably, and obviously there were no hard feelings between the 2 for him to return to the...