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    Will Liverpool be able to hold onto their lead?

    I think they will easily!
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    Ronaldo Back

    You are probably right there. AC's situation is much like Chelsea's in the Premiership. Whether they catch the leaders is as much dependent on how many poor losses the leaders concede as it is how many wins Milan/Chelsea notch up
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    Players that need to go (Manchester United)

    About three players come to mind when u think of united of who needs to be replaced go! V.D.S he is poor. G.Neville way to slow rafael much better. And i don't care what u say ryan giggs he is no way near good enough to play on uniteds wing nevermind centre midfield! Anderson shouldn't have gone...
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    The Worst Top-Flight Players ?

    Probably desperately trying to convince someone He is a Didier Drogba's uncle The only News i have of him (Ali Dia)is, that Graham Souness, the then manager of Southampton released him from his contract after only 2 weeks. Ali Dia then went to play for Gateshead....and then just faded into obscurity
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    The Worst Top-Flight Players ?

    I think the worst of that lot was Ali Dia (Southampton) who somehow kidded the management he was George Weah's Cousin !! He came on as a Sub, when Southampton played Everton, he was soo bad he was also substitued after 20 minutes !!
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    The Worst Top-Flight Players ?

    He was absolute crap at spurs..they only kept him for one season before 'outing him'
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    The Worst Top-Flight Players ?

    Who is/was the Worst Top-Flight Player ? A few spring to mind, in no particular order. Quinton Fortune Man Utd, Sergio Rebrov Spurs, John Jensen Arsenal, Pascal Cygan Arsenal, Marco Boogers West Ham,Roque junior Leeds, Titus Bramble Newcastle/Wigan, Tomas Brolin Leeds/Crystal Palace, Igor...
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    Who will win Serie A?

    It appears that Inter Milan have the best chance.
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    The same old story at the top, or not?

    1. Manchester 2. Chelsea 3. Liverpool 2005-2006: 1. Chelsea 2. Manchester 3. Liverpool 2006:2007: 1. Manchester 2. Chelsea 3. Liverpool 2007-2008 I think it'll be the same, but we'll see...
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    Beckham Back for England

    Wales Captain Ryan Giggs will retire from International Football after Saturdays 2008 Euro Qualifying Game against the Czech Republic !!!
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    Beckham Back for England

    McLaren also contradicts himself by saying a few months ago he was building for the future ...how can he be...by calling up Beckham!!!. Beckham has no future as a England Player his days are numbered !!! He has also called up into the squad Michael Owen who, along with Newcastle's Dyer are the...