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    Richest football clubs in the world 2009

    It begs the question did Madrid but all those stars to sell shirts or win silver wear? Let's face it there is no new trophies in the Madrid cabinet now is there?
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    United need to buy Wesley Sneijder

    United need a creative midfielder in the mould of Paul Scholes and I believe that Sneijder is the man for the job. Fletcher has grown into a good player, Anderson has yet to prove himself, Carrick has been very disappointing and if he was sold to fund the move for Sneijder it would be alright...
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    Who do you think is going to win the 2009-10 EPL?

    Everyone is writing United off I see, don't be so quick to do so. Just cause United did'nt spend "big" this summer does not mean they have'nt got a talented squad capable of winning. I disagree with the post that United are "too reliant on Scholes", I do believe that they do not have an...
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    Players that need to go (Manchester United)

    I have been saying it for the last two years now that Neville is past his sell by date, Why the captains armband was passed on to him after the departure of Keane is beyond me. Da Silva has Neville's number big time. I disagree about Scholes and Giggs (e.g giggs performance against Chelsea, 3-0)...