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Cristiano Ronaldo makes Real Madrid history


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Cristiano Ronaldo became the best scorer of Real Madrid after 18 weeks of La Liga action. His 22 goals (1.22 per game) are more than the 21 scored by Puskas in 1960/61. Equally impressive, however, is that the Portuguese international has just two goals shy of reaching the half-century and has a good chance of becoming the fastest to Madridista so.No Madridista never scored 22 goals in the first 18 league games played.

Real Madrid is sitting on the front 22 goals after 18 matches played in La Liga this season. Puskas, meanwhile, has only scored 21 in the same period 50 years ago. Rubio, Alday, Di Stefano and Hugo Sanchez each have 19 goals by week 18.Ronaldo has won a grand total of 48 goals in 47 matches in the league in total and is just steps away from the half-century. Puskas needed 54 games to reach 50, while Alfredo di Stefano has reached the mark at 56 and 57 Pahino.