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Team GB - Just a thought

OK so the Olympics have come and gone, both Hope Powell and Stuart Peace have said it would be great to have a Team GB team in the Olympics. However both concede that it is unlikely due to the independence status of each nation.

OK now this may be way out there, some of you may even be offended if so, then I apologise I mean no offence to anyone.

You see I regard myself as British not English and that may be why I don't understand. But why not have a Team GB. Hell with it, lets unify into one independent football body instead of having four separate ones. It could be called BFA (British Football Association). Yes I agree that this is a big change, firstly we would need to have a massive restructure to accommodate all the Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English leagues together, but hey with Wales we are party their. Swansea and Cardiff to name a few already play in the English leagues. If I am not mistaken there is an English team playing in the Scottish league.

Why don't they all just forget about their independence status and combine as one. This can only have pluses for everyone involved.

1. The country will unite in one football team, and who is to say we can't have home nation tournaments like we use to as I have been told from my elders.

2. We as a whole will produce better football players for the future. Giggs and Bellamy have said the Olympics is a great stepping stone for youngsters in the game. Especially about tournament football. Something they both missed out on.

It will also showcase talents from other parts of the nation as currently only England end up at the world cup stage. So the likes Giggs and more recently upcoming Ramsey would be able to showcase their talents on the world stages. And this can only be a good thing, if for nothing else then for the experience of tournament football.

3. Money, as I can tell, a big issue may be funding, well lets look at the Scottish league. Before recent events of the demise of Rangers. Only two teams where dominating Scottish football. This cant be good for the SFA. What happen to competition. Competition is the only way to push forward and create stars of the future.

As I have been told by many Scotts, that their is so much potential in investments in some of the Scottish teams like Celtic, but the reason it never comes to fruition is the league they are in. Having all these play in a more competitive league would attract investors creating more money for the clubs, which in turn create better facilities which in turn create better players for the future.

4. Majority sports use GBR as their identity not their independent nation. Lets get football in-line with every other sports.

This is just an Idea but why not do this abolish the four nation independent in football and create one unified GB one instead. This is just my opinion and I can't see why not, unless you guys can think off or have any ideas. As far as I can tell its a win win situation, allowing for development of future stars and maybe help some of their less well of clubs to build a stepping stone to great success.

Before I leave as yourself this... Why are Swansea and Cardiff in the English leagues and not in the Welsh ones?