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The Championship - A better league?


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I think that sometimes the Championship can be a better league then the premiership.

Everytime I watch the championship highlights, I see amazing goals that are hardly ever scored in the premiership.

I think that the competition in the championship league is much more entertaining then that of the premiership's.

What do you think?
I agree to a certain extent. The riches a team can gain through being promoted to the Premiership can give the matches between the teams in the upper half of the league really competitive. In a way the same logic applies to the bottom half of the Premiership. Relegation means a team loses so much financially that it can break them, hence the games between relegation candidates are often some of the best games in the Premiership.
Yes it certainly can be more exciting, the stakes in a way are higher than in the Premiership because promotion is like finding gold.

Also the relegation battles can be extremely entertaining.

And of course of have Leeds United esk tales of failed premiership teams