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Who do you think is going to win the 2009-10 EPL?

Personally I think this season that Chelsea are going to win it with Manchester United second, Arsenal third and I think fourth could go to either Tottenham, Manchester City or Liverpool, I do like Villa though I don't see them challenging for a place for the CL at the moment.
Everyone is writing United off I see, don't be so quick to do so. Just cause United did'nt spend "big" this summer does not mean they have'nt got a talented squad capable of winning. I disagree with the post that United are "too reliant on Scholes", I do believe that they do not have an appropriate replacement for him yet, but United have a good enough midfield to cope. The additions of Hernandez and Smalling are good one's, and I expect Rooney to be burning to repeat (and improve on) last season's tally, especially given the poor World cup he had. Owen was a great addition and I see his contribution as "Important" to United's campaign. Fletcher has developed into a "first name on the team sheet" type player in my eyes, Berbatov owes the fans, his team mates, the Manager and himself a season worthy of his very large price tag, and this is the season he needs to deliver it or (I believe) he is gone. So across the squad, with others showing constant development, I think United will be (by some at least) underestimated wrongly.
United to Win it.